This page will be updated soon.

Need a quick help for now with the story mode of Brookheights? Here is a step by step quick guide until this page is updated:


1- Examine the family picture on the wall in Amos and Amelia’s house.


2- Visit Grandma in Oasis Springs, and ask her about the picture


3- Go to Grandma’s basement, find the hidden room behind the library, and examine Frank’s Map


4- Go to North Newcrest at the fisher’s shack. Read the registry on the wall


5- Go to Magnolia Promenade, swim in the ocean to join and examine Frank’s Boat


6- Go back to Amos and Amelia’s hosue, you will find close to the house a tree. Choose the “view” interaction several times, and unlock the new ones. Travel to Sylvan Glade then.


7- In Sylvan Glade, examine the plane.


8- The Airport is located in West Oasis Springs. Click on the plane to travel to Brookheights at 11AM


9- You are now in Brookheights! This is the end of the Story Mode Episode 1. New Episode of the story mode will be available in a future update. Enjoy Brookheights!